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  പീക്ക് സമയത്തെ വൈദ്യുതി ഉപയോഗവും നമ്മളും
  Energy Conservation Sensitisation Programme - Presentations
  1. BPCL
  2. KFC
  3. KIMS
  4. SAB Miller India
  5. Vivanta TAJ

URJA KIRAN 2015-16 (new)

Energy Efficiency Capacity Building Programme - Invitation for Resource Persons (new)

Gazette Notification: Energy Consumptions Standards for Equipments and Appliances - Directions 2015(new)

ഊര്‍ജ്ജക്ഷമമായ റൂം എയര്‍കണ്ടീഷണറുകള്‍ New

ഊര്‍ജ്ജക്ഷമമായ ഗാര്‍ഹിക റഫ്രിജറേറ്ററുകള്‍ New

Kerala Small Hydro Development Policy-2012 New

BEE Star Labelled Equipments and Appliances


Energy Audit Manual prepared by EMC

Application form and Guidelines for Empanelment of Audit Firms

Kerala Energy Scenario (2010) - State Planning Board Document

Citizens Charter

Kerala State Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency-Draft Action Plan 2009

Summary Report - Investment Grade Energy Audit Conducted in 22 Kerala Government Buildings

Desktop virtualization based shared network solution - review

Highlights of Two-day Workshop on Energy Conservation Building Code - Business and Policy Development

Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) User Guide helps users to easily understand the code and implement it effectively 

Building Energy Simulation tip sheet helps in understanding the basic concepts and processes involved in carrying out building energy simulation

Energy Assessment Guide for Buildings helps users with a systematic approach for saving energy in commercial buildings

Energy Efficiency in Hospitals- Best Practice Guide

Data Center Energy Efficiency Tip Sheet

Building Envelope Tip Sheet

Building Lighting Design Tip Sheet 

HVAC System Tip Sheet

Energy Management in Healthcare Facilities - 23-9-2009

Energy Management in your School 

Energy Management in your Hotel

Energy Service Companies empanelled by BEE - 21-10-2010

The Kerala State Energy Conservation Fund Rule

Diary Sector Energy Efficiency - Presentations

Kerala Energy Scenario (2009) - State Planning Board Document

Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) Newsletter(pg.4)

Energy consumption benchmark studies on Parboiled 

rice cooking in Kerala

Fan regulators (Save Energy up to 60%)

Oorja Vaartha bulletin (Malayalam)

Other Downloads (PDF & PPS)

വൈദ്യുതി സംരംക്ഷണം വീടുകളില്‍

Domestic energy conservation tips (Malayalam)

Domestic energy Consumption Calculation (Malayalam) 

Library Membership Form 

Video Documentaries
  Bachat Lamp Yojana - CFL Distrbution 
  Jyothis (mpeg format 249 mb)
  Mankulam Smiles (mpeg format 140 mb)


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