The objectives of the Centre are to facilitate efficient management of all forms of energy, to promote energy efficiency and energy conservation, and to develop new sources of energy as well as novel energy technologies to increase production, improving the quality of life, and facilitating the use ofenergy on a sustainable basis.

In particular, the objectives are:

  • To develop innovative methodologies, techniques, and devise programs for efficientenergy management.
  • To identify barriers to improve energy efficiency and propose appropriate remedial approaches including policy measures and financial incentives.
  • To carry out, support, and promote research studies on energy management.
  • To advise various sectors of the economy like industry, transport, and agriculture, etc., the agencies connected with energy production, handling, and utilization and the Government on
    issues related to all forms of energy and its efficient management.
  • To monitor and promote energy conservation activities in the State of Kerala.
  • To increase the skill and capability of energy professionals.
  • To act as a nodal agency for generation, collection, and dissemination of the latest technical information on energy management and improve the energy information system.
  • To create and maintain a database on supply, demand, and prices of energy, energy efficiency, energy conservation, and related technologies.
  • To review laws and regulations that have a bearing on energy efficiency, develop standards and norms for efficient energy use in the various sectors of the economy in the State, and propose
  • To liaison with national & international organizations, Universities, Research Centres, Regulatory bodies, funding agencies, and such other institutions connected with various aspects of
    energy management, including an exchange of research results and energy statistics on energy policy, forecasting, and planning techniques.
  • To facilitate the exchange of energy experts between the state of Kerala and other regions within India and abroad.
  • To perform such other functions as desired by the Government and undertake such other activities as are relevant to fulfill the objects of the Centre.