EMC is setting up a complete LED Test setup with the help of Central Power Research Institute, Bengaluru.
The following test setup has been purchased and some of the equipment are to be commissioned.

1. Integrated Sphere
2. Geneophotometer
3. Glow wire test apparatus
4. Endurance test High temp (45oC) Life test system cum Switching cycle test system
5. Dimension Check
6. Ball Pressure Test Unit
7. Torsion Test Equipment
8. Axial Pull Test Apparatus
9. Bending Test
10. Electric Shock Test Unit
11. Deep Freezer
12. Hot air Oven
13. Cap Temp Rise Test Equipment for LED Lamps
14. Humidity Chamber
15. LISN

The equipment recalibration process and NABL Accreditation procedure is going on at LED Testing Lab of Energy Management Centre Kerala.