Empanelment of Professionals in Building Energy Efficiency

List of Empaneled Professionals

1 List of Building Energy Efficiency Experts (BEEE)
2 LList of Building Energy Simulation Experts-(BESE)

Empanelment of professionals in building energy efficiency in Kerala     

EMC is providing training for enthusiastic engineers and engineering students to design energy efficient buildings in compliance with the Energy Conservation Building Code 2017. With this training program EMC is preparing a cadre of Building Energy Efficiency Experts (BEEE) who will be empanelled by EMC to help public design building in accordance with the Energy Conservation Building code which is made mandatory vide Government Orders for commercial buildings scope. The training & Empanelment involves two stages /milestones. The first milestone is christened as the Building Energy Simulation Experts stage after successful completion of first training along with clearing the evaluation (Training A). On successful completion of Training A the applicants will be eligible to attend training B for Milestone -2, the BEEE.

With the intention imparting these trainings, EMC had demarcated three different zones in Kerala State, which include the specific districts as mentioned below, through three agencies who are Empanelled ECBC firms of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt of India. EMC is also in the process of creation of Trainer of Trainees for BEEE from Architectural Engineering college faculties in a near future.

Participants wishing to get themselves trained may register through the link provided and the training programmes will be conducted after getting sufficient number of registrations.   Engineering and Architectural Student are also given opportunity to get themselves trained in the program to become Building Energy Simulation Experts which is the first milestone to become a BEEE.

For Registrations –  Click here

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