Kerala State Small Hydropower Policy 2012

SHP Policy Amendment

Kerala, God’s Own Country, by virtue of its High abundant Natural resources and high infrastructure facilities like roads, communication, school and hospitals etc. apart from socio-cultural and economic uniqueness and quality of life of its people, has decided to allow greater private investment in setting up Power Plants from Hydel sources to meet its growing demand for Power.
TheEnergy Management Centre, Kerala, had since 1997, takeninitiatives for speedier development of Small HydroPower (SHP) in Kerala, with people’s participation.Altogether, the projects division dealt with environmentfriendly systems of development of power especially,Small Hydro Power with a sustainable development initiative.Small and mini hydel potential can provide a solutionfor the energy problems in remote and hilly areas whereextension of grid system is comparatively uneconomical.One of the main activities of Energy Management Centreis therefore to develop, introduce and promote electricitygeneration techniques and programmes through SHP.
 Consultancy And Project Report Preparation For Local Bodies
Kozhikkode District Panchayath
District Panchayath,Kozhikkode, had requested EMC act as consultants forkick starting the implementation of Arippara SHP, byproviding technical advise & interacting with financialinstitutions, KSEB, KERC etc. EMC has arrived at anagreement with the Panchayath and the work is in advancedstage. District Panchayath, Kozhikode, had later requestedEMC act as Total consultants. Discussions is on forthe agreement in this regard.Idukki District Panchayath
The Panchayathhad completed the work connected with the 50kW KallarMicro Hydel Scheme, during Year 2001, but could notcommission the same due to various technical problems.The Centre had taken up the revival of the scheme onbehalf of the Power Department by co-ordinating theother stakeholders viz., the Panchayath, KSEB, SILKetc.
Earlier in 1999 the Panchayath had entrusted EMC thepreparation of DPRs for 3 micro-mini hydel projectsadding up to 1.50MW in total, which was successfullycarried out by EMC.

Mallappaly Block Panchayath
EMC has activelyparticipated in the development of SHP in villages givingco-operation and guidance for implementation. MallappallyBlock Panchayath had come forward for implementationof Parathodu Mini hydel Project. The consultancy assignmentfor DPR preparation of the 300kW Parathodu project wasawarded to EMC. The Preliminary and detailed topographicalsurvey, design and drawing for the project was carriedout successfully. The final DPR is prepared and submittedto the Panchayath for allocation of funds.

Athirapilly Grama Panchayath
EMC has activelyparticipated in the development of SHP in villages givingco-operation and guidance for implementation. AthirappillyGrama Panchayath had come forward showing interest inassessing the potential for mini hydel development inthe Panchayath especially that of stand alone type cateringto the Tribal colonies in the Panchayath. EMC SmallHydro Projects Division team undertook field visitsto various project sites like Pillapparathodu, Valayarakuthu,Charpa, Thavalakkuzhipara etc for the Panchayath anda pre-feasibility study report was submitted. The studyfound out good potential for mini hydel developmentin Valayarakuthu (500kW), Pillapparathodu(500 kW)

Amarambalam Grama Panchayath
EMC has activelyparticipated in the development of SHP in villages givingco-operation and guidance for implementation. AmarambalamGrama Panchayath had come forward showing interest inassessing the potential for micro hydel developmentin the Panchayath to cater to the needy settlement ofpeople in the TK Colony region. EMC SHP Division teamundertook field visits to the location for the Panchayathand a pre-feasibility study report was submitted. Thestudy found out good potential for micro hydel developmentin the Kottappuzha stream near T.K Colony.
Subsequently,a preliminary topographical survey was conducted inthe location and the preparation of the Detailed ProjectReport is scheduled for 2005-06.

Consultancy assignments taken up from differentPanchayaths and present position

Idukki District Panchayath Pazhathottam, Rajamudy, Mullaringad projects, completed the work successfully (1.50 MW in total)
Mallppally Block Panchayath 300 kW Parathodu MHP, DPR completed the work successfully.
Kottayam District Panchayath Pampanal, Melaruvi, projects, through SILK, (1.1 MW in total)
Malappuram District Panchayath Adiyanpara SHP, through SILK (2.5 MW), Completed
Kozhikkode District Panchayath 3 MW – Arippara SHP – Ongoing
  Total Consultancy For Shp Development & Environmental Planning
Barapole Small Hydel Project (21 MW) for Travancore Cochin Chemicals Limited.
21MW Barapole Small Hydel Scheme in Kannur District wasallotted to Travancore Cochin Chemicals Limited (TCC)for captive generation of Power by the State Govt. topartially tide over the current problem of lower marginof the end product on account of higher electricitycharges. EMC was awarded the consultancy work of bythe company through open bidding.
EMCSHP team had completed the Topographical surveys, DetailedEngineering Design and Drawings and submitted the DPRfor Barapole SHP and the scheme was approved by StateGovt. and KSEB for Implementation.
SubsequentlyEMC was awarded the consultancy assignment of preparationof tender documents, evaluation and short-listing ofE&M contractors for the implementation of 21 MWBarapole SHP.
EMCprepared the pre-qualification documents and throughcompetitive selection process and has short-listed 14E&M and civil contractors for the project.
Thework of draft Detailed Tender Document Preparation ofthe project was completed by EMC and submitted to TCCfor further processing.
Theland acquisition survey work was also carried out byEMC and the State Revenue Department had accepted thesurvey drawings/schemes and the same was published inthe Kerala Govt, Gazette for acquisition of land.
Overand above the consultancy assignment, EMC had also helpedTCC to tide over the interstate water utilisation issueraised by the Karnataka State (even though the riparianrights are with Kerala State being situated in the downstreamstretch of the river and due to already commissionedPazhassi irrigation project) thereby safeguarding theinterest of our State.
Karuvarai mini hydel project (2 MW) for Attappady Hills Area Development Society (AHADS).
       KaruvaraiMini hydel Project 2MW for which the Detailed projectreport was prepared by EMC during 2004 for AHADS isnow being taken up for implementation. This has beenincluded in the plan proposal of AHADS in the comingyears. AHADS has requested EMC to give them the technicalsupport for implementation of the project. As a consultant,the SHP team of EMC is now helping AHADS to arrive ata PPA with the Kerala State Electricity Board. Totalconsultancy work of implementation of the project isexpected to be awarded to EMC.
UNIDO Regional Centre At Emc For The Development Of Small Hydro Power In South Asian Region
       TheUNIDO RC for SHP was constituted in EMC and has startedits full-fledged operation. It has liasoned with UNIDOand IC-SHP to implement a mini hydel project at Pampumkayam(110kW) in Mangulam Grama Panchayath and has commissionedthe project in October 2004.
As part ofthe planed activity of the Regional centre, DPRs of8 SHP schemes are to be prepared for UNIDO. Three newMHP schemes were identified in and around Mankulam soas to implement it in future and thus making the Panchayathself sufficient in terms of electricity.
Energy Management Centre has already prepared 4 DPRsduring this year and was send to UNIDO in the firstphase.
DPR for twoprojects in the second phase is over and detailed investigationsfor other two projects are over and the DPR works arein different stage. The detail of the project for UNIDO-RCis given below.
Sl.No Name of Project Capacity Present Status
First Phase projects
Kozhiyilakuthu 1 MW DPR completed
Panamkudantha 500 kW
Padivathil 100 kW
Kilikkalthodu 300 kW
Second Phase projects
Rasathikuthu 500 kW DPR Completed
Rajamudy 50 kW
Balanthode 250 kW Topographical survey and PI completed DPR work in final phase
Edathanalkuthu 500 kW
Micro Hydro Turbine Development
      Proposal for developinga standard micro turbine set and disseminating the concept/software to the local entrepreneurs for the productionat the local level as per the requirement is plannedand started in the financial year 2006-07.
Environmental Planning And Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
      The EnvironmentalImpact Assessment studies of the 21MW Barapole SHP projectwas awarded to EMC by Travancore Cochin Chemicals Limited(TCC) after competitive bidding. We had completed theassignment and the Preliminary EIA report was submitted.
Consultancy Assignments For Hindustan Latex Limited
      M/s. Hindustan LatexLimited has entrusted the consultancy work to EMC forthe techno-economic feasibility study of Kurishadi MiniHydel Project (750kW) and to evaluate the projects soas to enable them to participate in the bidding processto get the projects allotted. EMC has completed thestudy and submitted the report.
Consultancy Assignments For Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo Ltd, Hyderabad For Detailed Investigation And Feasibility Report
      The Govt. of Keralaas part of its policy to develop the Hydropower potentialof the State, has set aside thirty projects in the SmallHydro Sector for private sector participation throughSHP Cell constituted in EMC
The private developerswho are Independent Power Producers (IPP) have to pre– qualify, based on their financial credibilityand their technical capabilities to take up and implementthese projects. The projects were to be allotted toIPPs based on their quoted tariff applicable for 30years as per the rules and regulations laid down inthe Govt. Order.
M/s. Sree RayalaseemaHi-Strength Hypo Ltd has entrusted the consultancy workto EMC for identification of suitable SHP project andto evaluate the projects so as to enable them to participatein the bidding process to get the projects allotted.
The following projects were identified.

1. Attle 6 MW
2. Alamparathodu 3 MW
3. Iruttukanam 3 MW
4. Kurumpetty 3.5 MW
5. Lower Vattappara 7.0 MW
6. Mukkuttuthode 3.0 MW
7. Palchuram 3.5 MW
8. Thuvallar 4.0 MW
9. Upper Poringal 7.0 MW
10. Upper Vattappara 3.0 MW
      EMC SHP team hasconducted field visits and detailed assessment of theprojects and verified the project features with theDetailed Project Report/ Detailed Investigation Report.The rates of labour, materials and transportation ofmaterials for each project sites are collected. Thecost estimate of these projects are updated using theserates. The design details of these projects have beenverified and revision of the design of technical featuresto make the project cost effective were made wherevernecessary. The analysis enabled M/s Sree RayalaseemaHi-Strength Hypo Ltd to bid for the mentioned projects.
Preparation Techno-Economic Feasibility Report (Tefr) For 3 Projects For Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo Ltd, Hyderabad.
      M/s. Sree RayalaseemaHi-Strength Hypo Ltd has entrusted the consultancy workto EMC for preparation of Techno-economic feasibilityreport of the following Small hydropower schemes.
Palchuram 5.25MW
Alamparathodu 3.0 MW
Mukkuttuthode 3.0 MW
      EMC SHP team conductedfield visits and topographical surveys and thereaftercompleted the preparation of TEFR for the projects.
Field Visits & Awareness Creation For Small Hydro Power Development For Tribal Population
EMC Small hydroProjects Division team undertook field visits to variousproject sites like Karuvarai, Siruvani, Jallippara,Puliyara, Dhonikundu etc for Attappady Hills Area DevelopmentSociety (AHADS) and a pre-feasibility study report wassubmitted. Based on the pre-feasibility report AttappadyHills Area Development Society had entrusted the Totalconsultancy assignments of the following mini/microhydel projects to EMC.
• Karuvarai Mini Hydel (2000kW)
• Siruvani Mini Hydel (2000kW)
• Jallippara Micro Hydel (50 kW)
Athirapilly Grama Panchayath
EMC Small hydroProjects Division undertook field visits to Thavalakuzhiparamicro hydel project (10kW), situated near a tribal colonyfor Athirappilly Grama Panchayath and a feasibilitystudy report with a brief estimate of the costs wassubmitted. Based on the feasibility report AthirappillyGrama Panchayath has asked EMC to provide necessarytechnical support for the implementation of this projectboth through design and through identifying sourcesfor finance and T&G equipments.
Chaliyar Grama Panchayath
The EMC SHP teamvisited the Vennaikode Micro hydel scheme envisagedby the Chaliyar Grama Panchayath at Nilambur and a feasibilitystudy was conducted. The site was considered for distributionof power to a needy tribal settlement in the Vennaikoderegion.
Pothukal Grama Panchayath
The EMC SHP teamvisited the Appankappu Micro hydel scheme envisagedby the Pothukal Grama Panchayath at Nilambur and a feasibilitystudy was conducted. The site was considered for distributionof power to a tribal settlement in the Appankappu region.The power can be fed to KSEB grid about 1.5km away fromthe location.
REC-RUS (DRUM) Project
Community basedviable and sustainable power generation, transmission,distribution and revenue generation project by people’scooperative at Mankulam Grama Panchayat as a model projectwith grant from Rural Electrification Corporation isplanned. The proposal for the project which has an estimatedcost of 9.5 Crores, was approved and selected for considerationin the REC-RUS DRUM project of Rural ElectrificationCorporation with support from USAID. The budget amountfor the project was initially approved with REC offeringa soft loan, which was found unviable for Energy ManagementCentre and therefore was requested for full grant fromREC. The option is now under consideration at REC.

Detailed Project Reports (DPR) – EMC
Name of the Small Hydro Power Scheme Installed Capacity (MW) Client Remarks
1. Barapole SHP 21.00 The Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd (TCC)., Kerala Completed, Including EIA study
2. Palchuram 3.50 SRHHL, Kurnool,AP *** Completed
3. Mukkuttathodu 3.00 SRHHL, Kurnool,AP *** Completed
4. Alamparathodu 3.00 SRHHL, Kurnool,AP *** Completed
5. Karuvarai MHP 2.00 AHADS, Agali, Kerala Completed
6. Parathodu Small SHP 0.30 Mallappally Block Panchayath Completed
7. Kozhiyilakuthu 1.00 UNIDO, Vienna, Austria Completed
8. Panamkudantha 0.50 UNIDO, Vienna, Austria Completed
9. Kilikkalthodu 0.20 UNIDO, Vienna, Austria Completed
10. Padivathil 0.10 UNIDO, Vienna, Austria Completed
11. Rasathikuthu 0.50 UNIDO, Vienna, Austria Completed
12. Rajamudi 0.05 UNIDO, Vienna, Austria Completed
13. Balanthodu 0.25 UNIDO, Vienna, Austria Ongoing
14. Edathanalkuthu 0.50 UNIDO, Vienna, Austria Ongoing

*** Sree Rayalaseema Hi-StrengthHypo Ltd. SRHHL, Kurnool, AP State (TGV Group, Hyderabad)

Detailed Project Reports (DPR) – EMC
Name of the Small Hydro Power Scheme Installed Capacity (MW) Client Remarks
1. Attle 6.00 SRHHL, Kurnool, AP Completed
2. Tuvallar 4.00 SRHHL, Kurnool, AP Completed
3. Upper Vattappara 3.00 SRHHL, Kurnool, AP Completed
4. Lower Vattappara 7.00 SRHHL, Kurnool, AP Completed
5. Kurumpetty 3.50 SRHHL, Kurnool, AP Completed
6. Iruttukanam 3.00 SRHHL, Kurnool, AP Completed
7. Palchuram 3.50 SRHHL, Kurnool, AP Completed
8. Mukkuttathodu 3.00 SRHHL, Kurnool, AP Completed
9. Alamparathodu 3.00 SRHHL, Kurnool, AP Completed
10. Pazhathottam 0.05 Idukki District Panchayath Completed
11. Rajamudi 0.05 Idukki District Panchayath Completed
12. Mullaringkadu 1.25 Idukki District Panchayath Completed
13. Adiyanpara 3.00 Steel Industriials Kerala Ltd., (SILK) Completed
14. Pampanal 0.90 Steel Industriials Kerala Ltd., (SILK) Completed
15. Melaruvi 0.15 Steel Industriials Kerala Ltd., (SILK) Completed
16. Kurishadi 0.75 Hindustan Latex Ltd. (HLL), Trivandrum Completed
Other Consultancy AssignmentsUndertaken by Energy Management Centre (EMC) and SmallHydro Promotion Cell in Renewable Energy & PowerSector/ field
Detailed Project Reports (DPR) – EMC
Name of the Small Hydro Power Scheme Installed
Capacity (MW)
Client Remarks
Arippara Small SHEP 3.00 District Panchayath Kozhikode Ongoing
Revised guidelines for SHP and RFQ & RFP documents for Govt. of Kerala including evaluation, monitoring etc. 30 SHP schemes Govt. of Kerala (allotment to different captive power producers (CPP) & Independent power producers (IPP) on competitive bidding route. Eleven projects have been allotted.
Second stage bidding is on with RFQ 12 SHP schemes Govt. of Kerala RFQ process is on.
Activities in the field of SHP/ RE as part of consultancy/Liaison of EMC for:
Ï UNIDO Regional Centre
SHP DPRs / Implementation Energy Efficiency studies UNIDO, Vienna, Austria. On going
Implementation status as on 22-04-2014 (new)

SHP on BOOT- Revised & final RFP time schedule (Revision II) and Addendum

പീക്കോ ജലവൈദ്യുത പദ്ധതി നടപ്പിലാക്കുന്നതിന് സബ്സിഡി നല്കുന്നു. Subsidy for 50 Pico hydro electric projects in Kerala


Implementation Status as on 30 September -2013


Pre Qualified bidders – Allotment of SHP Projects on BOOT basis in Kerala on competitive bidding

RFQ for SHP allotment

പീക്കോ ജലവൈദ്യുത പദ്ധതി നടപ്പിലാക്കുന്നതിന് സബ്സിഡി നല്കുന്നു. Subsidy for 50 Pico hydro electric projects in Kerala

Mankulam Micro Hydroelectric Power Project Interfaced to the State Power Grid

Project carried out by the SHP Division EMC (pdf)

MANKULAM 110 kW Power Project Commissioned
The first off-grid 110 kW micro hydel project and connected Community development centers in Mankulam Panchayath in Idukki District in Kerala is Commissioned...[ Download PDF ]