Kerala Energy Conservation (Building Code) Rules 2017

Government of Kerala has notified Kerala Energy Conservation (Building Code) Rules 2017 with an objective to establish minimum requirements for energy efficient design and construction of buildings. KSECBC states that, any building or building complex in the state of Kerala having a connected load of 100kW or greater or a contract demand of 120kVA or greater or having an air conditioned area of 500 m2 or above and buildings that are intended to be used for commercial purposes including office buildings except for buildings with residential purpose or warehouse are accounted under the scope of ECBC compliance. Correspondingly, the ECBC clauses have been incorporated in the Kerala Municipal Building Rules and Kerala Panchayat Building Rules. The ECBC stipulates mandatory requirements and prescriptive directives for building components and systems.

Applicable building systems

  • Building Envelope (Includes walls, roofs, fenestration etc.)
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (Ventilation, Air Conditioners, controls etc.)
  • Service hot water, pumping and renewable energy
  • Lighting (Interior lighting, exterior lighting, lighting controls etc.)
  • Electrical power (Transformers, Motors, Power Distribution systems etc.)

Procedure for development of KSECBC compliant building

Guidelines for Energy Efficiency of Building in Kerala

Eco Niwas Samhita (ENS) – For Residential Building

The Eco Niwas Samhita (ENS) sets minimum building envelope performance standards to limit heat gains (for cooling dominated climates) and to limit heat loss (for heating dominated climates), as well as for ensuring adequate natural ventilation and daylighting potential. The code also provide the minimum requirement(s) for building services, electro-mechanical and renewable energy systems for new residential buildings. The code is applicable to all residential buildings and residential parts of ‘mixed land-use projects’, both built on a plot area of 500 m² or greater.

ENS part-1 2018 Notified by BEE

ENS part-2 2021 Notified by BEE

Energy Efficient Building (EEB) Cell

As a State Designated Agency of BEE, Energy Management Centre is looking into the tasks regarding the Energy Efficiency in Building sector.The Energy Efficient Building (EEB) Cell was formed for providing Technical assistance to implement Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) & Eco Niwas Samhita (ENS) in Kerala.

Empanelment of Professionals in Building Energy Efficiency in Kerala

Empanelment professionals in building energy efficiency targets at creation of a pool of building professionals in the State of Kerala, to implement the concepts and actions of energy efficiency and conservation in building sector. The promotion of such an expert team is expected to be the spine of the ECBC implementation in the State of Kerala, providing assistance for the design and construction of ECBC compliant buildings. For more details click the link

Building Energy Efficiency Experts (BEEE)

Technical support for KSECBC compliance checking

EMC-Kerala provides technical support for KSECBC compliance checking of the proposed buildings. For more details click the link