The IT Systems division of the Centre is running the IT & IT Networking Infrastructure facility, remotely hosted websites, email delivery systems, IT security systems since the inception of EMC with own resources and staff. The EMC Computer network is internet enabled since 1997 starting with a dialup internet connection shared across the LAN. The division also provides necessary computing facilities and IT infrastructure to the Small Hydro Power Cell, Govt. of Kerala, PAT Cell and ECBC Cell.

The division works with other technical and administrative divisions within EMC and organizations under the Government of Kerala to provide IT services and training to staff members and project engineers/trainees.  IT Systems Division helps to extend all the activities of the State Designated Agency for implementing and enforcing the Energy Conservation Act 2001 as per the guidelines of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power and Government of India.

The computer facility of the Centre is equipped with Gigabit switching network with CISCO Layer 2 and 3 switches, Internal Fibre backbone network, Next Generation Firewall and Intrusion Prevention system, Fibre Broadband Internet access on EMC Network,IBM Blade Server, Computer Aided 3D Design, Linux Server, Virtual Machines, Novell Netware Server, SMTP & POP3 Servers, Firewall & Proxy Server, Digital multifunction copiers and printers, high speed network Laser Printers, Solar Powered 10kVA digital UPS,  90 ppm of copy printer, Campus wide WiFi, Library Software, Videoconferencing, Multimedia Facilities with Video Capturing, Editing and Multimedia Streaming, Advanced OCR etc.

Major functions of the Division are:

  • Multiple Server Management
  • EMC Secure VPN
  • Work from Home/Remote office systems
  • E-Office management
  • Network Security, System Security and Management
  • Systems and Database Administration
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Website and Web Portal Management
  • Internet & Email Server Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • IT Security and Network Monitoring
  • Multimedia Applications
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Digital Telephone systems
  • Solar Powered digital UPS Monitoring