Energy Meter Calibration Laboratory

The energy meter is an electrical measuring device, which is used to record Electrical Energy Consumed over a specified period of time in terms of units. Every house, small factory, business establishment, shops, offices etc. need at least one energy meter to register power consumption. The supplier of electrical raises the bill on the basis reading shown by this meter. The producer of electricity sale the electricity to the electricity boards and boards have to sale this energy to the consumer. Consumer needs to pay the amount against the bill raised by the supplier. The data generate by the energy meter is the base to raise the bill by power supplier. The Energy Meter is available in single phase and three phases at different current rating as per customer’s requirement. The newly developed electronic energy meter is also available in the market. The calibration ensures that the instrument’s displayed error fulfils the requirements. Energy meter calibration is a process required to determine the error when the energy is measured.

Energy Meter Calibration Laboratory (EMCL) of Energy Management Centre- Kerala has been accredited in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017. The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) has issued the certificate for accreditation (certification number: CC 3211).

Energy Meter Calibration Lab consisting of Three Phase Fully Automatic Test System with 0.1 Accuracy class and reference meter of 0.2 Accuracy. The lab personnel are well trained in ISO 17025:2017 and well versed in relevant BIS standards for energy meters. The environmental condition of lab stipulated by NABL is maintained and in the process of NABL accreditation. LAB is capable of calibrating/ testing all type of HT and LT energy meters upto an accuracy class of 0.2/0.2s which includes the following types.

  • Bidirectional Meter/ Net Meter- Three phase and Single phase
  • Direct current Three Phase and Single Phase meter
  • Three Phase CT Type meter
  • Trivector meter


LED Testing Laboratory

Significant improvements in the quality and performance of light emitting diodes (LEDs) has made it the preferred technology for lamps and lighting products used in consumer, commercial and industrial applications. LED lighting is more energy efficient, and the rapidly growing use of LED lighting will help to reduce energy demand. Like other lighting products, LEDs are typically subject to electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and energy efficiency testing. In addition, product performance issues related to the color and intensity of emitted light or exposure to extreme environmental conditions are important considerations for LED lighting products used in demanding applications such as transportation and infrastructure projects.

Our aim is to offer competent independent an NABL accredited testing services focused on energy-efficient lighting, particularly the new generation of LED lighting products”. EMC is setting up a complete LED Test setup with the help of Central Power Research Institute, Banglore. The following test setup has been purchased and some of the equipment are to be commissioned.

  1. Integrated Sphere
  2. Goneophotometer
  3. Glow wire test Apparatus
  4. Endurance Test High Temp (45 degree C) Life Test System cum switching cycle test system
  5. Dimension Check
  6. Ball Pressure Test Unit
  7. Torsion Test Equipment
  8. Axial Pull Test Apparatus
  9. Bending Test
  10. Electric Shock Test Unit
  11. Deep Freezer
  12. Hot Air Oven
  13. Cap Temp Rise Test Equipment For Led Lamps
  14. Humidity Chamber
  15. LISN


Glow wire test apparatus
Glow wire test apparatus
Cap temperature rise measuring equipment
Cap temperature rise measuring equipment
Integrating Sphere
Integrating Sphere